All cars are restored and maintained onsite in our large, modern workshops, only going elsewhere for specialised services. Every car is assessed with reference to the exacting original specifications appropriate to the vehicle, and its intended use. We value customer liaison and communication very highly – the client’s input is vital.

Racing cars being rebuilt for the track require especially careful treatment, and our years of expertise in this area mean that we can handle all aspects of restoration and preparation necessary for these highly individual machines. No two racing cars are the same and there is no such thing as a typical restoration. All cars have their own unique history, and this is taken into account when we evaluate what will be necessary for a particular project.

We aim for standard of restoration sympathetic to the origins of the car, whilst allowing for modern safety regulations, two aspects of restoration that are not always straightforward to reconcile. The levels of performance achieved require a quality of workmanship of the highest degree.

With the resources and experience we have on hand we are confident that the service we offer is the best…




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